About Powermodz

Our company

Louis Skebo created his YouTube channel in 2008, starting with several 4x4 and snowmobile videos. Within a few years, his popularity grew and PowerModz was born in 2012. PowerModz took off from there, posting projects, install and build series, honest product reviews and a few crazy driving videos.

Louie's down to earth attitude is what viewers have come to expect, and now powermodz.com has been created for consumers to access all of the trusted products Louie works with every day.

With powermodz.com, Louie's main goal is to provide consumers a site where they can get a personal experience and useful information. He understands the average guy because he's the average guy who isn't afraid to take on the challenge of working on sleds and ATVs. 
You can rest assured that Louie and the PowerModz crew have your best interest at heart when buying from powermodz.com. We greatly appreciate all of your support! 

Louie Skebo