Sled pipes and cans for most make and models snowmobiles. Please make your selection for the different exhaust manufacturers below for a detailed list of products. 

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  • GGB Exhausts

    GGB Exhausts - It all comes down to having the right priorities and fueling those priorities with passion. What fuels GGB Exhaust is a love for this sport and this industry—for the riders who work long hours to be able to play on the weekends, for the parents teaching their kids to ride, for all the memories we've made and those waiting to be made.

  • Jaws Performance

    Jaws products are lightweight and designed and tested to ensure the back-pressure horsepower and reliability remain same as stock. No jetting, clutching or fuel changes are needed with any of our cans.

    lease browse the different manufactures below to find your the right exhaust, trail pipes and race pipe for you sled!